Rare fish in the market today.

It’s not common for shops in Europe to hold rare specimens, often only seen momentarily as part of special customer orders it really makes a trip to the fish shop worthwhile to see these animals in the flesh.

From Mrutzek Meeresaquaristik a few weeks ago this beautiful Frogfish seen in red. Emulating their backgrounds, in this case a sponge, with such incredible detail and a strike so fast they’re ultimate predators on the reef. Certainly one of the best specimens we’ve seen in a long time.

For fans of the Dwarf Angelfish this Potters Angel is well recognised, seen here in a rare blue variation over in the USA.

Big and beautiful these Chaetondontoplus septentrionalis are stunning Angel fish originally from Vietnam. Considered by many as a difficult fish to keep and certainly not together with corals. Another rare find.

BlueHarbor from Japan have released pictures and videos of these specimen, Cirrhilabrus claire. This uniquely coloured fish was collected of the coast of Tahiti by professional deepwater divers at a depth of 350 feet (seen at Blue Harbour and ReefBuilders).

From the USA these two Clownfish are probably on an intermediate step to becoming Dalmatian Clownfish, more stunning and rare patterns.

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