Bubble-Magus on it’s way to Europe.

Possibly the best skimmer seen from Bubble-Magus so far is set to land here in Europe shortly, brought in and distributed by company H&S Aquarist. This Hero series cone skimmer is just one in a series of new products that have been launched by them is quick succession.

What’s new with these skimmers from the previous models?

* New housing parabolic design improves performance by 10%
* Innovative skimmer cup increases yield by 5%
* Unique air cap for more power with less intake noise.
* Newly developed skimmer cup holder. Simple cup change are possible.
* Novel bubble plate, minimizing unwanted turbulence
* Quick mounting design, for easy maintenance and cleaning of equipment
* Ergonomic arrangement of the adjusting screws.
* New and thicker material, increasing the overall quality of new production machinery.

Well let’s see when it gets here if it lives up to it’s claims.


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