SkimZ skimmer

Way back at Interzoo this year we showed you some new skimmers from Skim Z, though the units are far from new (having already been deployed across the markets in Asia) the Singapore based company is now presenting it’s work to us here. The Skimmers manufactured in Malaysia have a surprisingly good build quality to them as well, featuring Aquabee ’style‘ pumps sourced from Chinese production.

It certainly looks like these skimmers are now going to be making an appearance in a store near you, possibly sooner than initially expected.

A brief video of the the E series protein skimmer.

Here’s one of the new E series Cone Skim Z + S (meaning double pump version.) A monster of a skimmer.

Another video here on the volume of the skimmer body and how they work.

We had the opportunity to test against the new Deltec skimmer, with the Deltec in it’s classical design drawing more air and water into it’s pumps and using less energy in the process too. Though our money is on the all new ATI cone skimmers, who for both performance and price make the most attractive of purchases to all reef aquarists.

The all new ATI PowerCone above, like the Skim Z is designed as a sump based unit. Special features on the ATI is a new pump with the patented Gitterad impeller wheel.

Skim Z has a complete range of filteration components, not just skimmers, more information can be found here at;


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