New super LED’s from Japan.

The new LED lights for reef aquaria are in many countries the No1 topic for the future of our hobby. Here in Europe it seems to be quite a while yet before this developers. I could tell you every day about new models and manufacturers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually matter very much because the lights are either not available or for legal reasons cannot be sold here. Unfortunately again, in recent weeks industries show more identical lamps without legal authorization to do so.

These new lamps from Japan, although not  destined for us, they are so smart that I thought it necessary and wanted to report it.

These lights are operated with 3 Watt LED. As shown in the pictures is it that a 54 watt LED units. The perfect wattage for a beautiful Nano-Aquarium. The special fan inside is almost not heard.

The lamp is available in Japan in eight different colours, also, the arrangement of the LED can be ordered separately.

Here you can see the beautiful combination of the individual LED.

The spectra shown however have little to be desired.

Generally, a very attractive and nice little light.

With a retail price tag around 990 USD, this light is probably not a best seller. We’re really excited for when we see these lights on their way to Europe.

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